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EAA #167 January 2th 2018

Dinner at 7pm

18 members signed in

Meeting started at 7:17pm

Officers Present
Greg Present.  Duane Present.  Mark Present. Darren Absent, represented by Wife Carole.

Treasure report checking $10,817.15.  Petty cash $50.00 Keith

Old Business

John K. Remarks members help, Nominate membership officer, Fundership participation. Name tags for everyone.

Thanks to Carole and Darren for Christmas dinner and all they did.

Greg B. Officially received 5013C.

New Business
Bill W.  2 weeks from tonight Dean Stahr speaker at NPA. No fly out set. Email roster and news letter.

Clayton talked about college and future employment

7:35pm Dale K, motions to adjourn meeting, seconded by Patrick A.

Guest speaker Ryan tower controller until 9:15pm


EAA #167 December 12th 2017

Chapter Christmas Party


EAA #167 November 7th 2017

20 Members

Started at 7:17pm 

Treasurer's Report:
$11,230.21.  Petty cash $50.00   Total $11,280.21
Reserve $3,000.00 for committed scholarships.  Cash available $8,280.21.  
Income $2,224.50.    Expenses $4,412.45. ($3,000 scholarships and $1,412.45 ex).
Net profit/loss -$2,187.95.

Review old business:

10/31/17 last month for antique display and Nut Tree pancake breakfast.

Review new business
See Greg Murray or Les to sign up for next years paperwork for display Jan 1 17.

Non profit 501C filed 11/4/17

Election of Officers for 2018
Voting on paper ballots, Counted by V.P. Duane Fey, Witnessed by members Oren Redsun and Les Lucas

President Greg Murray
V.P. Duane Fey
Secretary Mark Shackford
Treasurer Darren Stevenson

Motion to adjourn Al Campbell, Second John Knight

End meeting 8:15pm. 


EAA #167 October 3rd 2017

19 People in Attendance

Start: 7:15

Old minutes approved     

Treasury Report Check register shows  $12,596  --
$50 petty cash --
Actual balance $9,643, as money for scholarships is set aside

Old Business

we now have an IRS non-profit number

Our picture was in the Napa Valley Register news paper

This Thursday and every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm an informal
ground class will be held here at the airport - it was very popular last time ---

New Business

nomination of officers --
President - Greg Murry, unopposed
Vice President - Duane Fey, unopposed
Secretary - Mark Shackford, unopposed
Treasurer -
Keith Hezmalhalch (incumbant)
Darren Stevenson

There will be an election for all offices at our November meeting, nothing is final until then. Anyone with a desire to hold any office should be at our November meeting, nominations will be opened just prior to the election.  

Fly Outs - it's been too windy ,nobody wanted to go

The 3rd weekend of each month is display day of vintage airplanes at our Napa Airport.

Young Eagles - we have 2 four place planes and 4 two place planes for our Young Eagles event on October 14th. Maybe we can get Sky Park guys to help - free gas and lunch ! -- Ground Crew need to show up around 9:30 am -- Bill Summers has flown 1,000 kids and he will be
here -- WOW

X-Mas dinner -- think about it 

Moment of silence for our beloved member Jack Cadwell who recently passed away at age 95. Also Keith Sherman's wife passed away recently

End -- 7:40

Secretary EAA #167 ---- Bob Smith



EAA #167 September 5th 2017

19 people attending

Start - 7:15

Old Minutes - Posted online, approved.

Treasurer Report $ 14,722 and $ 50 cash     

Old Business

fund raising - non-profit stasis -

Clayton needs to retake his check ride - need a flight for a grandfather's grandson -problem is he weights
300 lbs

Marcus Shackford and mother attended as he recived his check for $ 1500.00 - YEA MARK

New Business

By laws sent to members via email, voted on and approved

Bylaws to be sent to IRS then it will take 5-6 months to get tax number

Young Eagles -- October 14 - need ground crew - let Greg know -- suggestion made to have a kids corner for young
ones too young to fly --

October starting up informal ground school again -- 1st Thursday 7 -9;30

Drone sightings over Vallejo at 2,000 ft or more - early evenings - fully equipped with strobe and position lights - CHP ?

Long time member Jack Cadwell passed away -- he will be truly missed --

ICON crash - official - pilot error

Meeting Ended -- 7:43       Bob Smith   Secretary EAA 167 



EAA #167 August 3rd, 2017

20 people present

Start -- 7:24      

Old minutes  Read and approved by members

Treasurers Report --  $ 14,160 , $25 petty cash , still waiting for recites on young eagles
lunch expences

Old Business

6 planes flew out to Clear Lake last Sunday , had a good time

New Business

Talked about how great a deal it is for young pilots when we and Napa Pilots association
help with scholarships. The cost for  new pilots will be around $4,000 vs $10,000 

Talked about fund raising but first we need to reinstate our non-profit  status

Clayton Goodfellow was in the paper showed receiving our scholarship money

Marcus Shackford passed the written and soloed - Keith our treasure was not
at the meeting so no check was given to him - we owe you and won't forget !!

A request was made by a parent of son who has ADD and wanted to see if he
could go for a flight , it was left in the hands of the president

Tayler McCann gave a short bio of herself , she is going to be another new scholarship pilot

Collected $20 as membership dues fo Clayton Goodfellow

End of meeting -- 7:49            

Robert Smith , Secretary  EAA 167

After the meeting Oren Redsun gave an interesting presentation on the new 787-300 passenger jet


EAA # 167  July 6, 2017        

11 people present

Start 7:18

Old minutes: approved by members

Treasurers Report: $15,668 , $25 petty cash , $ 200 estimated cost for young eagles lunches

Old business:

Next young eagles in October ,

Tri pacer @ skypark - $25 donation to fly and must have CFI with you , 

Tower tour this month was very informational

New business:

Two student pilots who we are sponsoring talked about their journey so far.

Clayton Goodfellow just got 98% on his ground school written test and has soloed , as agreed
upon he was given a check for $1,500. Congratulations!

A motion was made and seconded, voted and passed to approved this pay out from our general fund.

Patricia Mc'Caffrey talked about attending our informal ground school from the beginning , she
is using "King School " lesson plan.

Note : Napa Pilot Association matches what we pay out, Yea !  

Note : hot weather watch density altitude !!

Next December might do informal ground school again ,

2 more candidates for scholarships, Josh Redsun and Talyor Mc'Cann.

It was voted on that new candidates need to show up at our
meeting - present themselves and fill out an application .

There was a discussion on future fund raising

Meeting closed -- 8:02         

Robert Smith ---- Secretary EAA 167     


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From June 6th, 2017

Start  7:10   President and Vice President absent -- Treasurer, Secretary 8 members present

Treasury Report $15,698

Old Business

May minutes approved

Young Eagles - flew 68 kids and received a $10 donation - estimated cost for lunch - $100

New Business - None

End 7:28

Secretary Bob Smity

EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From May 2nd, 2017

16 people present

Treasury Report $15,693

note to remember that in sponsoring the 2 student pilots we that we voted to sponsor it will be $1,500 when they completed ground school and their solo and another $1,500 when they get their license = $3,000 --- times 2 = $6,000   So be ready for a dip in our account.

Young Eagles - May 27 - 10 planes - 18 seats - we will provide lunch - voted on and approved to
pay EAA membership for 2 pilots from Napa jet center volunteering to give rides in their 172

Secretary Bob Smity


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From March 7th, 2017

Start 7:27 19 members / non members

Treasure Report  Napa Pilot's paid their 1/2 of x-mas party - $15,621 , cash $50.

Old Business -
Informal ground Thursday nights 7:00 - 9:00 In the Terminal Building. There are currently 7 people attending

tower visits can now happen , must be US citizen, ID  , come during business hours , call 707-235-1538

EAA 167 Logo Shirts Order form to be sent soon.

Greg talked about the proposed grass strip , kind of
impractical , regulations, dealing with FAA , federal $ , and maintaining it , etc.

New Business

NAPA to try and get high school kids to participate
in sheriff aro squadron - flying young eagles seems to be the same kids , need to reach out in the community to get more new kids

The next Young Eagles event is scheduled for May 25th Our goal is to have 15 pilots flying kids. At the last event we only had 7. Please contact Greg Baer (gbaer27@gmail.com) to volunteer.

There will be an Air Show on May 5 & 6 at Travis AFB. we'd like to get a group together to attend.

Castle air force base will do car show April 22, 2017 , great chance to look at a bunch of bombers , B17, B -2 ,etc. We're trying to round up some pilots to do a flyout to head down.

End at 8:02

EAA # 167 Secretary  -- Bob Smith


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From February 7th, 2017

Start 7:28 pm                       18 people

Old minutes - approved

Treasure report - $ 14,279.66

Old business

Checking account has been switched to the new co-signers.

Logo on shirts delayed but coming , royal blue , our logo , $20 --- thinking of having a silk screened logo T-shirt for young eagles
to buy.

Ground school is going on each Thursday , for free , here at the airport meeting room , 7 to 8 people have been attending , it is an informal review of everything , it will be running for another 3 - 4 weeks.

New business

Possible tower visit , will notify everyone by e-mail.

Duane Fay will propose to the Napa airport to allow a grass landing strip in front of the tower

5013C non profit status needs to be addressed , president Greg Murray will talk to Greg Baer about it

Thinking of honoring Jack Cadwell for his kindness though out the years , approved by membership

Meeting ended at - 7:43 

P.S. A 65 Continental Engine needed

Keith Hezmalhalch has a SeaRey kit for sale - below factory price !


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From January 3rd, 2017

START 7:30 pm












                                         SECRETARY EAA #167   BOB SMITH


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From November 1st, 2016

Start 7:33 pm

Old Minutes read and accepted

Treasure Report same old , same old $14,611.24

Old Business

Mercy Hot Springs fly out - cancelled cause of rain - 8 pilots wanted to go ! -next 3 months will try to go again - John volunteered to haul equipment by car if needed.

Young Eagles - working on shirts and colors - correction on shirts - they will be for pilots and staff only

Holiday Dinner - well too late for rsvp now but everyone got an email from Duane ( hopefully ) - its at the airport restaurant - from 6-7 - dinner at 7pm - raffle maybe.

Richard Craig has a student for a scholarship - after ground school we plan on matching NAPA's contribution for expenses up to $1,500

New Business - the question was put out how money for the club

End of Business meeting at 7:57

Guest speaker Oren Redsun reviewed his 26 years at United working on 747s - 40 minute presentation Thank You Mr Redson - it was enjoying and educational

     Secretary EAA # 167 Bob Smith 

EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From  October 4th, 2016

Start 7:27 pm      

16 people showed up

New members
Matt Scott - wants to be a pilot
Robert Wright - wants to build a "Hawk"-has 10 hours flight time.

Old minutes On line, accepted

Treasurer's Report $14'792 - approved and accepted

Old business:
movie - next spring ,


Young Eagles 37 kids - on line registration works great - $37 donated - a thank you note to Napa Jet Center signed by the kids was a great idea (they provides free gas for the planes ) - next time maybe get shirts with our logo for the kids and pilot - voted and passed to have logo on our web sight be the official logo of EAA # 167, need to decide colors of shirts next meeting

Motion made and passed to have logo copy righted - cost $25 ,

Motion made and passed to keep the current slate of officers for the coming year.

CARROL AND DARREN - JAN AND BILL - THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME FOR HELPING THE X-MAS DINNER - Dec.6th is the dinner here at the restaurant - rsvp by Oct. 22 (oops blew that early notice) - $48 / person - arrive at 6:30 - dinner at 7:00 pm

New business:
Scholarship for new flyers - reimbursement for ground school and getting license - help out - $1,000.00 ?

End 8:21                               

BOB SMITH - Secretary EAA #167


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From  August 2nd, 2016

Start - 7:27PM

19 in attendance

Old minutes: on line , not read

Treasurer's report: acknowledged and approved

Old business:

Movie for this fall ? need to run a test run first.
EAA dinner at Jack's winery, the day after Labor Day - 9/6/2016 - starts at 6pm - please please RSVP so we can plan the right amount of food -- RSVP to Bill Wheadon @gmail.com -- directions - google Caldwell vineyard ,    
Fly out to Mercy's hot springs - October 15th or 22nd ?,     

New business:
John Tuteur -- assessor  for Napa county  - gave a talk on how the county tax is applied to aircraft.
Young eagles Sept 24th - will need volunteers -- expect to be done by 3pm or 4pm. Napa jet center Will pay for fuel
X-mas dinner -- Comrade on Lincoln Rd. -- must RSVP    
Discussion on buying a flight simulator for $5,000. -- motion made to table it and look into it further.

Adjured at 8:45pm


EAA #167 Meeting Minutes From  July 5, 2016

Start - 7:30

6 members , 2 guests , 4 pizzas , bottles of wine !

Old minutes ---

Treasure report ---- $14,676

Old business -----

New business

-Renew non profit status,
-Getting an EAA plane, scholarship for "Jerry "
-Invite for dinner with NAPA
-Ooutdoor movie for Sept.? , 
-Air[pot weather cam @ our web site

Gave Al Cambel  $43.24 recipes for pizza and $95 cash

End at 7:46

Bob Smith, Secretary  EAA 167


EAA 167  Meeting Minutes From June 7, 2016

Start time: 7:39pm

12 Member present, new member Steve Brossean- Welcome Steve!

Past minutes:
Membership approved

Treasury report:
No change- Membership approved

Old/New Business:

-Young eagles a success, Greg not here, registration done on line, 30 flights, 6 pilots, went really smooth, Greg your the man!
- Fly out to Mercy's hot springs, not this weekend, table it to next month's meeting
- John Knight has a set of Benson gyro blades, less than 40 hours on them, price is $ 1500 plus shipping.
- Summer airport outdoor movie, Planes. Maybe next Young Eagles or Napa pilots dinner
- Have old EAA projector, Duane will inspect to see if it works
- Steve Brossean has a Taylor aircraft, 1977, 0200 engine, has a miller turn glider, all wood, 267 hours, in storage
- Duane has a 6ft USB borescope for those hard to get to inspections
- Scholarship, NAPA will reimburse a local student pilot $1500, should we match?
- Christmas Party Location?
- Duane $25/ per head prime rib, motion to table it, need date
- Tri-Pacer for NAPA for trainer, Club? 2nd tri pacer at Skypark

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm


PAST Months

EAA 167  Meeting Minutes From May 3, 2016  -

Meeting started at 7:31

Note : We had 5 bottles of white and red wine !!!! - pizza from Costco - brownies and 13 members

Past Minutes
Posted on the movie screen and approved

Treasury report
Same old same old - approved

New business
EAA scholarship, we have a student that wants and is eager to get his pilot's license, we need to investigate helping him financially.

Discussed flying to Mercy hot springs , 1- 1/2  hours away , June 11th or 18th.

Duane has volunteered his services to cook this years X-MAS party.

New member Patrick Anderson shared his airplane history , has traded around 6 or 7 planes , currently has a 210 and wants to do a home built.

Tom Lipsey has a 73 Grumman Traveler, 160 hp , now being repaired for a stuck exhaust valve.

Welcome new member Patrick Anderson !!

Meeting adjourned at 7:47

Also, it has come to my attention that members are not getting E-mail notices of monthly meetings - I guess that falls on the secretary - daa - I'm not to savy with computers - anyway meeting are the first Tuesday of each month.

Bob Smith -  Secretary EAA #167 


EAA #167 meeting - April 2016

Meeting started at 7:34 , called to order by president Greg Murry.

Old minutes read and approved with one correction - NAPA did not have a tri-pacer airplane donated
to their organization. the tri-pacer is going to be used in starting a "flying club " by Todd Walker - as
a less expensive way for those who need to rent an airplane in persecute of their pilot's license and
for those pilots who want to keep flying in a more economical way.

Treasury Report : Same old - same old Money is the same - no changes

New Business : Discussion on the need for more hangers to open up on the 3rd weekend of each
month. This is a chance for the public to discover and explore our Napa airport. It is organized by
Napa Airport & Pilot Association --- NAPA . A fly out is tentatively scheduled for June 11th or
June 18th to " Mercy Hot Springs " It seems like a cool place and everyone - well it seemed like
everyone - is for it.

Meeting ended at 8:10 with 13 people present

After the meeting 3 new visitors singed up as members of EAA #167

Mark Shackford , Marcus Sharkford ( son) and Jim Robinson WELCOME !!!

We also received a $10 donation for the pot luck dinner the members have been putting on
before each meeting -- Thank you 

Note : Anyone from the public reading this -- our meeting are open to anyone with an interest in
airplanes . You don't need to have a pilot's license or even own an airplane just a love of planes.
We are also working on any adult who would like to fly sometime on getting them in the air !


Bob Smith - Secretary EAA #167





Board of Directors

President: Greg Murray

Vice President: Duane Fey

Secretary: Robert Smith

Treasurer: Keith Hezmalhalch

Our chapter meets on the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:00, in the Terminal Building at the Napa County Airport.

2030 Airport Rd,
Napa, CA 94558


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